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LAMP 33 - December 1996
  • Former Texel Lightship opens as museum
  • Flight from Hartland 1936
  • Flower Pot - Try Pot
  • Trinity House carnival floats
  • Archive Photos: Flatholm, Nash Point, Portland Lower, Braunton, Point of Ayr
  • 1996 AGM
  • Swedish Lighthouse Society
  • Lighthouses of the Channel Islands Part 1
  • Cover photos: Folkestone Harbour Old Lighthouse, Leasowe Lighthouse, Folkestone Harbour New Lighthouse

LAMP 32 - September 1996
  • His Bread and Butter - and Rolls
  • The Dowsing Lightvessels
  • Spurn Head Lighthouse
  • Blackwall and Penzance Depots
  • Fog Signal Stations: Penlee Point
  • Isle of Man Lighthouses
  • Archive Photos: Teignmouth, Avonmouth, Cromer LV, Spurn Head lens, Blackwall Depot, West Usk, Whitehaven Pier, Dungeness, Dunnet Head, North Stack Fog Signal station
  • Cover photos: St Tudwals, St Anthony, Strumble Head

LAMP 31 - June 1996
  • Bread: The Soft Option
  • Fog Signal Stations: Lundy Island
  • A Light Story: Sultan Shoal Lighthouse, Singapore
  • Land and Sea of my Fathers: West Coast Lights
  • Lifeline to Dowsing: Dowsing LV
  • Calf of Man
  • Archive photos: Sultan Shoal, Dowsing LV, Thorngumbald Clough
  • Cover photo: Chapman Lighthouse

LAMP 30 - March 1996
  • The Norton Family Part 2
  • Tea, Bacon and Manchester Tart
  • Fog Signal Stations: Flamborough
  • Maritime Rites
  • Hanois Handsight
  • Teignmouth Lighthouse
  • Archive photos: Bull Point painters, Round Island relief, Corton LV61, THV Argus, Lowestoft High and Low Lights, Trwyn Du, THL Lodesman,
  • Cover photo: Semaphoring to Longships Lighthouse

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