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LAMP 25 - March 1994
  • End of Needles and Lundy
  • Belle Tout for sale
  • North Foreland remembered
  • South Foreland Lighthouse
  • New Boy at Holyhead Control Centre
  • Photos: Holyhead depot, Lighthouse headstone, Amlwch - Thomas Cunningham
  • Fog signals research
  • The lights of Skagen
  • Planetary observations (Bar/Planet LV)
  • The first Christmas presentations to the keepers of the Needles Lighthouse
  • Lizard wrecks recalled
  • Committee profile: Paul Hickley
  • Cover photo: Belle Tout Lighthouse (postcard)

LAMP 24 - September 1994
  • South Goodwin 40 years on
  • Mumbles Maelstrom
  • South Stack business
  • Farewell to Inner Dowsing
  • Photo: Inner Dowsing
  • Learning the Black Arts
  • Photo IOB in Eddystone's bi-form lens, Holyhead depot
  • Transport of Delight - Hollander Turm
  • Disaster at the South Goodwin
  • Keep the station going for another five years
  • Committee profile: Gerry Douglas-Sherwood
  • Photo: Gerry Douglas-Sherwood with Gardner engine at the Needles Lighthouse
  • Cover photo: South Goodwin LV (postcard)

LAMP 23 - June 1994
  • Inner Dowsing scrapped
  • Photo: Cap Leucate Lighthouse, France
  • The Light that never was - Moritzburg
  • Roval Commission on electrical communications with lighthouses and lightvessels
  • A spot of botha at Skerries
  • Japanese Maritime Safety Agency
  • The first siren fog signal
  • Counting the other pennies - fog money
  • Outpost with a new postcode 'Princess Margaret' hovercraft trip to the Goodwin Sands
  • South Foreland rejuvinated
  • Cover photos: Last major relief at Royal Sovereign, Pendeen Lighthouse, Needles

LAMP 22 - March 1994
  • Lighthouse automation in Australia
  • Thuno Lighthouse
  • Shioyazaki Lighthouse, Japan
  • LV 95 for sale
  • Lighthouse News
  • Hornsby - Horror and Harmony
  • Posted to Puysegur
  • Flights to the Lights - Chris Nicholson
  • Devon's Heartland
  • Fighting hermit invades Lighthouse (Bardsey)
  • Cover photo: Royal Sovereign with THV Patricia (artwork postcard )

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