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LAMP 21 - December 1993
  • Fundamental issues at stake
  • The keeper of the light - death at Toledo Lighthouse, Lake Eerie
  • Light vessel reliefs Christmas 1956
  • Counting the pennies
  • A visit to Kiel Lighthouse
  • RH Brunton, Japanese lighthouse engineer
  • Greece-ing the wheels, or what do keepers do in their time off, part 3
  • Fellowship Afloat
  • New lighthouse at Juist Island
  • Cover photo: Chapman Lighthouse (postcard)

LAMP 20 - September 1993
  • Trinity House automation programme
  • South Foreland gains lost dwelling
  • Whitby initiative pays off
  • Fleetwood Lighthouses
  • St Catherine's tribute
  • Video tours - the latest news
  • Today's oldest lighthouse - La Coruna
  • Before the Lord Mayor's Show, or How the RNXS took its proper place in the Silver Jubilee Review in 1977
  • No Man's Home - conversion of No Man's Land Fort
  • Greece-ing the Wheels, or what do keepers do in their time off, part 2
  • Sprung lambs
  • Taking the day off - if you can find one
  • Cover photo: Breskens Lighthouse, Holland, covered in scaffolding

LAMP 19 - June 1993
  • Blackwall Reunion proposed
  • Not all light at Happisburgh
  • Photo: Pulau Pisang Lighthouse, Singapore
  • South Stack Lighthouse 1887
  • Five Generations in a lighthouse, A unique family record of lighthouse keepers
  • Trinity House National Lighthouse Centre, Penzance
  • Towering Seas
  • The Eddystone Lighthouse
  • Cover photo: Schiermonnikoog, Holland

LAMP 18 - March 1993
  • South Goodwin 1954 - 1994
  • Photo: Lybster Harbour Light, Caithness
  • Photo: LV14 Haven LV#
  • Photo: Italy's only LV Battello Fanale Della Meloria
  • LV13 Ex Humber
  • Columbus Memorial Lighthouse
  • Cape Jaffa Lighthouse
  • Pay
  • A month on Skokholm Island, or Horse Sense
  • Greece-ing the wheels, or what do keepers do in their time off
  • Homecoming Fever
  • Cover photo: Old LV4, Scarweather
  • Back cover photo: Breskens Lighthouse, Holland

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